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Estelle AsmodelleEstelle AsmodelleEstelle Asmodelle

Welcome to is an artists directory website designed to give all artists the opportunity to publicize themselves, display examples of their work and facilitate contact with anyone interested in art and the arts community. Each artist's listing is linked directly to their own website or the site of their representative agent or gallery.

Artists from all visual arts disciplines are invited to list on Artists Worldwide directory, if we do not yet have your discipline listed we will create a category.  The disciplines currently available are: Ceramics, Commercial Design, Digital Art, Drawing, Glass, Jewellery, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Prints, Sculpture and Textile Art.  Many of the disciplines have sub-categories based on subject such as Landscape, Portraiture, Wildlife and also by style such as Figurative, Abstract and by media such as Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour, etc.

Please visit the "Get Listed" page for all details on joining  If you have any questions about website, please email to does not sell, broker or participate in sales of artworks presented on this website, AND does not receive any commission or gratuity for the sale of works by the artist/gallery/artist representative through information contained on this website.

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Copyright for all artworks displayed on remain with the individual artist.

Copyright of this website remains with; copying, downloading or reproduction of any image or information contained in this website is expressly forbidden without written consent of the copyright holder.

Please be advised that all copyright images and text is protected on this website by the disabling of the right click/copy function on the pages. If you wish to copy/save images from an artist please please contact the individual artist. The artist may or may not agree to provide an image that can be downloaded. No images or text may be downloaded from this site.