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Pippin Louise Drysdale

Search terms: ceramics, pottery, vase, vessel

About the Artist

Ceramicist Pippin Drysdale lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia. Her inspiration is the grandeur of Australia's ancient and majestic landscape. Her relationship with the land is profound and personal, driven by her desire to capture the essential beauty through simplicity of form, depth and colour. Her work in response is intuitive and emotional rather than prescriptive and defining. The characteristic glazes and firings used in her work are the result of tireless personal research. She continually experiments with firing methods and multi-layered coloured glazing in creating distinctive three-dimensional surfaces.

"Memories of quiet times, reflective of open spaces, shifting sands and changing hues. All this and more is the land of the Australian Tanami Desert. There is a sense of old-time stories, of woven dreams - the weft and warp of an ancient place. On the face of this there is a sameness, yet the land bursts with abundance in good seasons - hidden secrets of rich places and there to be found by those who understand. The traces, the lines, evoke the richness of a diverse and changing landscape which colours its responses - a chameleon of places."
Pippin Drysdale - March 2002

Selected solo exhibitions:
2003 - Wagga Museum and Art Gallery, New South Wales, Marianne Hellar Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany – (New work)
2001 - BMG Art Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia (PKS1, 2000)
1999 - From Dust - North Series, Perth Galleries, Western Australia
1997 - Eastern Goldfields Series I, Beaver Galleries, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Eastern Goldfields Series I, Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, Eastern Goldfields Series II, Pots on Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
1996 - Eastern Goldfields Series I, Contemporary Art Gallery, Paddington
1995 - I Won't Wish I Will - The Pinnacles Series, The Door Gallery, Fremantle, Western Australia
1993 - OTT Lustre Series, Gallery 2, Launceston, Tasmania
1992 - Carnivale Lustre Series, Narek Gallery, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1991 - Totem Series, Tomsk State Gallery and Museum, Russia
1989 - Logging on Parchment Series, Perth Galleries, Western Australia
1988 - Theatre Series, Handmark Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
1987 - Windows Series, Greenhill Galleries, Perth, Western Australia

Pippin Louise Drysdale - Vase Pippin Louise Drysdale - Vase Pippin Louise Drysdale - Vase




For more information on Pippin's available work contact Perth Galleries.

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