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Danica Wichtermann

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About the Artist

Danica was born in 1987 and is currently an artist and teacher in Perth, Western Australia. She studied Visual Arts at Central Tafe in Fremantle, and completed a Bachelor of Arts (Art) as well as a Diploma of Education (Secondary) at Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia.

Danica’s ceramic works are generally sculptural vessels inspired by nature and things that go unnoticed or unseen. Each piece is an individual expression of nature, of self.

"Since starting to work with clay in 2006, making forms on the wheel has become my passion. There is something so soothing, so meditative about it. I enjoy testing the boundaries of thrown vessels and exploring the limits of clay, carving into my work to see how I can transform it into something sculptural and unique. It is also about the process, the journey I go on with each piece.

I also enjoy working with the relationship between internal and external worlds, playing with concealing and revealing certain parts or characteristics. I start off with a traditional symmetrical form and finish with an intricately finished sculptural vessel. Colours and textures are added in layers, and in contrast to most ceramic vessels, attention is drawn to the internal structure and not just the external surface.

These organic vessels take on the forms of the Western Australian land and botanical life, reflecting colour, form and feeling. They are there to be explored, to draw you into their own internal worlds, to be discovered and unveiled."

Danica has exhibited in several exhibitions around Western Australia including at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Heathcote Museum and Gallery, Midland Town Hall, Cockburn Memorial Hall, Canning Town Hall, Gallery Central, the Pulseart Studio and the Canning Arts Centre. She has been invited to exhibit her work as an 'emerging artist' at Trinity College 2010 and has been part of the Ceramics Art Association of Western Australian Annual Selective Exhibitions (2010-2011).

Danica is currently represented by Boranup Gallery in Margaret River; the Barracuda Studio Gallery in Fremantle; Story Boutique in Floreat; Happs Pottery in Dunsborough and Bunbury Regional Art Galleries in Bunbury.

Danica Wichtermann - Olive Blossom

29 x 31 cm
This piece is a double walled wheel thrown and altered form, made from Stoneware clay.
It has been carved, and coloured with multiple glazes and stains inside, the outside glazed mirror black.

Danica Wichtermann - Fluid Colour

20 x 22 cm
This work is wheel thrown, carved and altered.
It is made out of Stoneware clay and has been sprayed with stains and under-glazes,
with a mirror black glaze on the inside.

12 x 14 cm
This work is wheel thrown, carved and altered.
It is made out of Southern Ice Porcelain and has coloured clay additions which spiral through the clay.
The inside has been glazed

To view more of Danica's work visit her website at, or email her at Other links to contact Danica:

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