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Charles H. Carver

Search terms: Digital art; abstract, fantasy, figurative, prints

About the Artist

Charles Carver started his career as a scientific illustrator and research assistant with training in the biological sciences. Through intrigue and experimentation, he has developed his own style of digital fine-art with an emphasis on the organic and perceptual, in contrast to the technical and synthetic productions often associated with digital art. His work has been shown in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Russia through selection into an elite group of digital artists by the 2002 International Digital Art Awards, the 2001 Seybold Seminars Digital Art Awards, and the Macworld Digital Art Contest (years 1998, 1999, 2000). He is a featured artist in the book "Secrets of Award Winning Digital Artists" published by Wiley Publishing in Sept 2002, as well as a featured artist in Digital Fine Art Magazine and Digital Photography and Design Magazine. Charles was recently commissioned by The Bronx Zoo for a series of illustrations displayed in their new "Alien Stingers" Exhibit at the New York Aquarium. He has also been selected for inclusion into an art book called "Visual Creativity" published in Vienna, Austria (Dec. 2003) to showcase top international achievement in visual creativity in the fields of advertising, illustration, computer animation and game design.

Artist's Statement

"I look to suspend my work in a genesis of forms with a potential to unfold into various levels of meaning over time. Each composition is a compiled depth of such meanings, as well as simply an image to a more naive perception. In that regard I view my art as well as the process as fundamentally an extension of that creative activity performed by the senses- for sense perception does not merely copy a ready-made world, but rather, completes that world by transforming the raw material it receives into a fully lived horizon."
Charles Carver




To view more of Charles' work please visit his website at .

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