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Nicole Marques

Search terms: digital art, fantasy, figurative

About the Artist

Nicole was born in the south of France and after graduating from Ecole-des-Beaux-Arts in Toulouse, she moved to the United States where she has been spending her time mostly in New York City and in the Golden Corridor of Arizona.

She has been experimenting with Digital Art since 1994, finding this type of painting often challenging, the mouse not having the flexibility of a brush! It did allow her however to combine two loves, painting and computer technology, a sort of new-age method!

Not every artist understands this choice however. On a funny note Nicole was called a "traitor to the Art" once by a fellow older artist! To make matters worse for a nostalgic, more traditional painter, she has also discovered filter plug-ins, using them on occasion for special effects, giving a new dimension to painting!

Despite the fact that plug-ins are computer enhancements effects, it still leaves a lot of control to the artist, opening wide a new door to creativity since the options are numerous, a change of only one number in the combination will give ever-changing results.

 She loves to fine-paint what she calls: digital "Fantasy Ladies" using PSP, Photoshop and a mouse. Her type of Art is very much "Web Oriented" and is often used in creating "Splash Web Pages" while looking great in Java Applets.

Because the Art is virtual she sells the license for use of the graphics. The exclusive rights however may be obtained by contacting her.

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit, 1887..."
Henry Ward Beecher

Medium: Digital
Size as shown: 481x631 pixels
Original size: 401x567 pixels
Ophelia was created from scratch with a mouse in Paint Shop Pro

I Fly
Size: 791x601 pixels

'That lady comes out only on a full moon, if you look up, you might be able to see her, seating on the highest branch of a very tall tree! Mouse-drawn original entirely painted in PSP

Halloween Magic
Size: 600x800 pixels

The magic of Holloween! A maiden, seating among magic mushrooms, is being surprised by a small glowing fairy! Mouse drawn original entirely painted in PSP

To view more of Nicole's work please visit her website at

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