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S. Monique Craig

Search terms: drawings, pen and ink, fantasy, figurative

About the Artist

"As a novelist and artist, I have the opportunity to utilize both my writing talent and drawing skills via the publishing of my books. I am also a desktop publisher, which allows me total artistic freedom in the creation of my work."

"My web site includes a virtual art gallery containing a collection of some of my mixed media drawings, as well as a description of my new horror/sci-fi novel, 'The Maidens of Babylon'. At this stage of my art career, I work primarily with pen & ink and Photoshop, although many of my older works were done in colour pencil and acrylic. I may return to the latter media at some point, but for now I am enjoying the greater flexibility pen & ink and Photoshop have allowed me in my work."

"I am a big fan of the German artist, Albrecht Dürer, and although I am by no means a 'master' such as he was, I enjoy the challenge of trying to emulate his engraving techniques via pen & ink."

"As an artist, I define myself as someone who is mostly self-taught. I studied art briefly at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC, and took a few courses, here and there while in college. But, due to my other interest, writing, I decided to pursue a degree in journalism and the media arts."

"The art gallery portion of my web site is not commercial. I put these pictures up simply for you to enjoy. However, if you think you may be interested in purchasing a signed reproduction, please feel free to contact me."
S. Monique Craig

S. Monique Craig - The Arachne Experiment S. Monique Craig - Life on Mars 2 S. Monique Craig - Interrogation

Pen and ink

Pen and ink

Pen and ink

To view more of Monique's work visit her website at , or email her at

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