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Syl Holly-Lobato

Search terms: mixed media, paintings, nature & wildlife, landscape, acrylics

Artist's Statement

"Hello, I am Syl Holly-Lobato and I live in Colorado in the small mountain hamlet of Pagosa Springs, which is nestled at the base of Wolf Creek Pass in the Rocky Mountains."

"I have spent many years in the ranch lands of Oregon and the Southwest Desert of Arizona. My wide spectrums of landscapes and wild life have given me a vast knowledge of the North Country with its babbling creeks, as well, as the 'Cutting Edge of Light' found in the Arizona Desert."

"I hold a degree in art from ICS, but basically I am a self-taught artist."

"I have show in Art Festivals in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. I have works in various galleries. Most of my work is in private collections in the United States, Germany, Japan and England. I am member of the Wildlife Artist NetLink and also on web with"

"As all artists, I painted in oils, watercolors and acrylics. In 1995, I ran head on into a new concept of art…Painting on Rock…but not just any rock... I use marble, agate, jasper and petrified wood. Each stone tells its own story from the design found in its facial features. The stone has become my canvas and my paintings may now vary from landscapes and animals, to marine life. This new medium has opened a window for creativity and color, which keeps my imagination working over-time. To me, STONE IS NATURE’S STORY BOOK."

"My in home studio, fondly called, Images of Stone, afford me the time to paint and share a balanced, busy life with my wonderful husband, Lee, Nike, our yellow tiger cat and 3 tanks of tropical fish."
Syl Holly-Lobato

Syl Holly-Lobato - La Casa Mia Syl Holly-Lobato - Lady Bugs Syl Holly-Lobato - Who's Watching

Acrylics on Red Jasper Stone
5 X 6 in

Acrylics on Brazilian Agate
4 inches round

Acrylics on Red Jasper Stone
7 X 8 in

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