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Christine Rainbird

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About the Artist

Over the past fifteen years, Australian spiritual artist Christine Rainbird has amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding Eastern and Western holistic healing methods including colour, symbols and their energetic effects on the human physical body and psyche.

Christine RainbirdChristine's professional work as a Numerologist, Colour Therapist, Reiki Master and Intuitive counsellor allowed her to incorporate and utilise many aspects of this knowledge, however after also studying many cultures and forms of artistic expression she became aware that specific forms, shapes and colour combinations arranged in certain ways and in connection with particular vibrations have a definable and targeted effect on the energies and behaviours of people viewing the images. She felt inspired and guided to combine this knowledge with her existing fields of colour, psychology and numerology in a way that also encompassed one of her most beloved passions - Painting.

Christine works with many Master Guides at different times, and has the psychic gift to see and record the sacred geometry that is recognised by each soul to activate the healing required to accelerate this ascension process. The images that Christine creates from a strong connection to her own soul's essence, combined with the guidance and influence of Lady Averill's energies have the ability to connect with others at a level that transcends their cellular memory and bypasses directly to their soul, thereby transferring this 'gift' of transformational energy.

The Mandalas Christine channels and creates are simply spectacular. These images are the very essence of the Soul, reaching beyond the facade of human existence into the essence of the self. Each image is channeled, then hand drawn and intricately hand painted and detailed with some pieces taking many days, sometimes weeks to complete. During this process universal healing energies are also channeled through Christine's hands as she works on each image giving it a distinctive life of it's own with unique healing properties.

Christine uses metallic inks, acrylic paints and various combinations of crystals, feathers, symbolic centrepieces and beads to enhance the Transformational Energetic properties of each original Mandala. Christine currently creates from her hillside retreat and studio in Boya, Western Australia. She is blessed to share her life and work with many others in her soul group who are also working towards peace and serenity for all of mankind.

Christine regularly donates original pieces of work to Charity organisations who raise funds for children with disabilities both in Australia and overseas. The most recent piece auctioned raised enough money to provide a number of wheelchairs for children in Somalia who had lost limbs due to landmine accidents near their villages. The original Mandala channeled for that auction was called 'Compassion'.

Christine also donates a portion of the sale price from every original Mandala sold, to fund a wheelchair on behalf of the purchaser , whose name is then inscribed on the back of the chair before it is sent to a child overseas. This sponsorship of 'Wheelchairs for Kids' continues on an ongoing basis.

Christine has also been commissioned to produce channeled energy pieces specifically for ceremonial purposes. In June 2004 an original Mandala was created for use at an energy ceremony held at Ayers Rock in central Australia to coincide with both the equinox and the Venus transit.




To view more of Christine's work please visit her website at

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