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Robyn Bischoff

Search terms: Painting, sculpture, abstract, canvas, oil

About the artist:

To dismiss abstract art as meaningless, as the majority of the viewing public do, is to rob oneself of the opportunity to take part in a powerful journey that takes us beyond the everyday and into the unknown, according to artist, Robyn Bischoff.

Emerging fresh from an exploration of this ‘unknown territory’, Artist, Robyn Bischoff, wowed audiences with her exhibition, ‘Echoes’, a dynamic body of new works that explores the connection between art and spirituality in a solo exhibition at Mullalyup Gallery to celebrate Artopia, a statewide celebration of Western Australian artists.

Vibrant, and energetic, Bischoff’s abstract style is inspired by an Alchemical search for new discoveries and opportunities. Stretching the limits to transform, transmute and evolve, Bischoff’s work is about raising one’s consciousness through the creative process.

Describing intuition as the most important element in her work, Bischoff requires us to use our own instinct and emotion to relate to her works. Every now and then the viewer is treated to a brief lyrical gesture or hint of subject matter - a horizon, a flower in ‘Flamenco’ - a to hinge us to the work, forming a bridge into the more powerful and freely expressed form that transcends traditionally descriptive roles to a spiritual expression of colour and movement.

Some pieces have been dug and scratched into the surface of the canvas as Bischoff laboriously excavates layers of life and historical moments in time (‘Archaeological Diggings’) while others dance lightheartedly across the wall as a cantata of clean, fresh colour in an instantaneous whiff of excitement (‘Promise of Spring’).

‘I suppose I am exploring the evolution of one’s consciousness through creativity - mixing things and inventing things… like ancient alchemy… exploring the hidden messages in paints.’

‘I want to find something new to surprise myself…I guess it’s a search for truth through positive contact with others using art to assert life and truth.’

Bischoff’s fascination with the ancient art of Alchemy has led her to explore new visual energy to invigorate our eyes and challenge our minds. Liberating herself from the encumbrance of representational form, Bischoff roams freely through vast expanses of colour-coded emotion and lyrical sensation to produce works that encourage us to see beyond the familiar ‘safe’ zone of recognisable visual elements.

With a strong following in Europe and over twenty-five years in the art industry, Bischoff is an artist worthy of any serious collection.

Oil on canvas
116 x 116 cm

36 x 22 x 20 cm

Oil on canvas
120 x 110 cm

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Page last updated 28 November, 2011