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David Bromley

Search terms: painting, oil, acrylic, figurative, portrait

About the Artist

"The main focus of my work is the journey that we go on physically and emotionally. I play this out often in the adolescent world where I feel the magnitude of what life holds for us and demands from us is at its most potent. Anything from a close up of a face depicting an emotion through to a snapshot of an action, an adventure or an interaction often played out in a nautical landscape. The sea brings with it a romance, a challenging emotional environment. The distinct imagery from "Boys Own" comics popular culture of their day and in their day served as moral tales for the young. I find this imagery poignant in so many ways and a wonderful vehicle for telling tales at what it is to be alive and to be on the journey that is our life."
David Bromley

David Bromley paints every day and remains thankful of his creative gift. He is admired for his dramatic use of acrylic paint and the rich texture he builds into his figurative work. Through his nostalgic "Boys Own Annual" 1930s subject matter - from pirates to lighthouses, boats to running races and boxing matches - Bromley dips into our childhood memories, conjuring up emotions and moments from our past.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2002 - Scott Livesey Art Dealer, Melbourne, Victoria
2002 - Chapman Gallery, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
2001 - Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland
2001 - Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, New South Wales
2000 - Perth Galleries, Perth, Western Australia
2000 - Atelier de Cyrille Varet-Viaduc des Arts, Paris, France
1999 - Chapman Gallery, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1999 - Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland
1998 - Koziminski Galleries, Melbourne, Victoria
1997 - Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia
1997 - Coventry, Sydney, New South Wales
1994 - Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
1993 - Victor Mace Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland
1992 - Coventry, Sydney, New South Wales
1990 - BMG Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia
1988 - La Trobe Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland
1987 - Beach House Design, Noosa Heads, Queensland

David Bromley - Untitled David Bromley - Rebecca David Bromley - Sunday Play


Acrylic & metal leaf on linen
152 X 122 cm

Acrylic on canvas
122 X 92 cm

To view more of David's works visit the website.

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