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Lajoie Chantal, "Sybiline"

Search terms: paintings, oil, figurative, portrait, landscape, fantasy

"The artist brush is a magic wand that travelled trough time. The painter is only a dreamer."

About the Artist:

Sybiline was born in Shawinigan, Quebec in 1976. She studied fine art at Laval University, Quebec. Becoming very much fascinated by the work of great masters, she undertook the study of ancient techniques. Sybiline specializes in the art of portraits and is very much inspired by certain literary and symbolic worlds. She thinks that creation is an ordeal facing as much dreams as reality.

Artist's Statement

"I like to analyse people. That is how I discovered a great passion for portraits. I sit apart and watch them go by. I observe their attitude, their hair, their eyes, and develop a kind of complicity that bears beyond this world. When I paint a portrait, I leave impressions on the canvas and compose so that it has to breathe. It has to live by itself and transmit an important message: What I saw in it is in reality all that I didn't see."

Selected solo exhibitions:

2004 - In the Drawer of my Memory, Salle Pauline-Julien, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec (Oct 18 - 26); In the Drawer of my Memory, Galerie Benjamin-Papineau, Laval, Quebec (July); In the Drawer of my Memory, Bibliothèque Étienne-Parent, Beauport, Quebec (Feb 23 - March 21)
2003 - In the Drawer of my Memory, Maison Magella-Paradis, Charlesbourg, Quebec (Aug 21- Sept 7); In the Drawer of my Memory, Salon du Livre de Trois-Rivières, Three-Rivers, Quebec (April 24 to 27)
2000 - Portraits, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Shawinigan-Sud, (April 1 - May 15)
1999 - Characters, Galery Hélène Tousignant-Perron, Three-Rivers, Quebec (Feb 18 - March 14)

Selected group exhibitions:

2003 - Art for All, All for Art, Musée of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec (Sept 18 - 28); Galerie d’Art de l’hôtel de région, Poitiers. France (Sept 1 - 12); Un Art d’été, Galery Horizon, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec (July 8 - Aug 11); L’Art se donne des ailes, Maison des Arts Saint-Faustin, St-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Quebec (July 12 - Aug 16)
2002 - 19e Grand Concours Annuel, CAPSQ Centre Culturel Brancusi, Montréal, Quebec (Nov 3 - 9)
2001 - Shawinigan Receives their Artists, Centre des Arts de Shawinigan, Shawinigan, Quebec (Sept. 23 - Oct 21)

A Hundred Years of Peace
Oil on canvas
24 x 20 In

Astral Communion
Oil on canvas
22 x 14 In

Make a Wish
Oil on cotton pasted panel
8 x 10 In

To view more of Sybiline's work visit her website at

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Page last updated 27 February, 2007