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Kathy Cooper

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Kathy Cooper paints mostly from life in her studio. Besides still life, her range of subjects include portraits and landscapes. She collects subjects from antique stores around New England to paint in her classic, old-masters style.

I paint in chiaroscuro for the drama. The extremes of light and dark isolate the subjects allowing the light and color to guide the eye through the painting. This drama lays the stage for the splashes of color on the main characters, where the painterly brushstrokes establish the tempo of her work. Music plays a big part in my work. It sets the mood for the painting.

Her 20 years of experience in graphic design is evident in her painting, through prominent design and composition. Originally from San Antonio, she has painted since childhood. She studied art at college in Texas and moved to New England in the mid 80's where she attended the Craig Srebnik's Atelier Program, studying landscape, artistic human anatomy and the work of the great masters.

She teaches workshops, performs demonstrations for art societies around New England and served on the Board of Directors of the Chelmsford Art Society.

Marsh in Gold
16"x20" Oil on Canvas


Morning Hills II
12"x16" Oil on Canvas

To view more of Kathy's works please visit her website at

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