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Suzanne Craver

Search terms: drawing, painting, pastel, landscape

About the Artist

"As a child, daydreaming was definitely one of my favourite pastimes and even though I was chided for it I do believe it gave me an opportunity to store large amounts of data that are serving me very well now. My goal as a painter is to take the viewer to a very profound level. The simple beauty that surrounds us can be very comforting and it is my hob to comport through my work."
Suzanne Craver

The actual 'hands on' for art didn't happen until high school where she was fortunate enough to experience a talented, dedicated teacher who encouraged her. Pencil drawings were her first love. The first two years of college were spent in the printmaking department at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated with a Bachelor or Fine Arts in painting.
After moving to the south-western United States, she knew it was inevitable that she carve out a niche here and paint these beautiful vast skies and the stark beauty of the landscape. While raising her children, she took advantage of the various workshops and classes offered. She studied figure, pastel, oil and design courses. Staying focused on her goals and consistent hard work has enabled the artist to reach a level of quality that she can now be proud of.

There is a place in our hearts and souls that we can all connect. Suzanne has pastel paintings in numerous private collections and one public collection. This prolific Santa Fe artist continues to study the landscape whether on location or in the studio and marvel the viewer with her soul felt renderings of the word around us. Suzanne's pastels can be viewed at Suzanne Craver Fine Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Suzanne Craver - Morning Light Suzanne Craver - One Moment Suzanne Craver - Stream by Ojo

25 x 18 in

40 X 29 in

20 x 24 in

To view more of Suzanne's work visit her website at, or email her at

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