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Bob Dornberg

Search terms: painting, oil, landscape, figurative

About the Artist:

"My twin brother and I were born in Los Angeles. At age 6, in Seattle, our dad encouraged us to paint in oils, alongside him. In high school and college, we majored in painting.  Mr Rempel at Downey H.S. encouraged painting household objects, at angles, with a lot of motion.  Mr's Elgart and Amato at UCLA encouraged paintings from everyday settings, and painting every day.  We both still paint, although we have gone through many distractions."

"Today I paint, to expand the elements, which I think make a painting great.  Those are: dark light pattern; rhythm of line and shape; colour relation; balance."

"My subjects are slices from my life.  I try hard to keep these subjects subservient to the elements that make a painting great.  It's easy to be distracted by unique subjects, but subjects get old. The elements can give a universal and permanent success."

"Study, is the key to expansion of the elements.  Study begins with the works of great painters; moves into my painting process from start to finish; continues in the review of my past works, and those of others.  Any continuing critique forum available also facilitates such review, as long as one keeps focus on these elements."
Bob Dornberg

Bob Dornberg - Old Beach Home Bob Dornberg - Consultation Bob Dornberg - Corner Light

old beach home
Oil on canvas
40 X 50 cm

Oil on canvas
40 X 50 cm

corner light
Oil on canvas
40 X 50 cm

To view more of Bob's work visit his website at

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