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Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski

Search terms: wildlife, nature, landscape, acrylic, canvas

About the Artist

Caren was born a Polish national in The Netherlands after the Second World War. Her father a Polish Army officer, who had helped spearhead the liberation of German occupied Holland in May 1945, married her Dutch mother in November of that year. Later in 1953 when her father took on Dutch citizenship, Caren too automatically became a Dutch citizen. The family moved to Australia in 1954. Moving around Western Australia, first to the hot eastern wheat belt town of Wyalkatchem, then to the cooler climate of Collie in the south west and finally settling in Perth in 1960. Her first oil painting was at the tender age of 8 and was sold for 10 shillings! (a substantial amount in 1956). Caren has won a number of awards for her work including a Federal Government Award from the Multi-Cultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Her first solo exhibition was opened by the former Premier of Western Australia Sir Charles Court in May 1993.

Sir Charles in his opening address described the huge volume of work as not only impressive but refreshingly untouched by commercialism.

Her work is very diverse ranging from oil paintings, (although she now uses predominantly acrylic), water colours, wood carving, ceramics and silver work. Her sterling silver napkin rings are very popular and are much sought after as wedding presents and christening gifts. They depict mainly Western Australian flora and fauna and are inspired by her association with the internationally renowned silversmith and artist, the late J.A. (Jamie) Linton in whose silver studio she was a frequent visitor as a teenager. J.A. Linton is most famous for his Australian wildflower series of cutlery which are in the collections of most European Royal Houses as well as former Presidents of the United States and the current Queen of England. It was one of his famous sterling silver wildflower spoons that he gave Caren as a 21st birthday present that has inspired her the most. Caren is self taught and she has achieved a remarkable high standard of skill in all of her genres, which is testament to her natural talents. She has received a number of commissions including from Soroptimist International branches to design and make the Presidents Jewel.

Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski - Jabirus Duelling Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski - Moroccan Doorway Caren Engelbrecht-Karasinski - Snow Gums at Smiggins Hole

Jabirus Duelling
Acrylic on canvas
106 x 90 cm

Moroccan Doorway
Acrylic on canvas
89 x 106 cm

Snow Gums At Smiggins Hole
Mount Kosciusko
Acrylic on canvas
106 x 90 cm

To view more of Caren's work click here to visit her website.

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