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Rob Forlani

Search terms: Painting, acrylic, figurative & abstract

About the artist:

"To use my flair & inspiration to guide me in creating to the observer a long lasting impression that can be viewed with pleasure & enjoyment in ones domain... Canvases that speak fluently to the senses."
Rob's artistic journey began at the ripe age of seven, while laid up in bed at Princess Margaret Hospital for eight weeks. He enthusiastically took part in the hospital's art programme and his walls haven't been bare since. What Rob endeavours to do with his work is to invite people to not only share in the many moods experienced while he is painting, but to also give them an opportunity to reflect on their current state of mind.
Known for his use of rich colour and texture, Forlaniā€™s main source of inspiration for his paintings is symbolism. With titles such as "Moody Monday", "Feisty" & "Raspberry Soda" you soon get the idea of how these vivid artworks come in existence. Initially Art Instructor Daryl Jane, an excellent Impressionist painter in his own right, was first to lead Rob towards approaching art seriously coupled with the rebellious style of the 'Fauve' movement. A discovery of Hans Hoffman, then laid the foundation of Forlani's abstract expressionism style.
His paintings are a combination of everyday snapshots, emotions and conceptual thoughts transformed into abstract visual captions, with an emphasis on symbolism and style... Each piece a story waiting to be told.

Acrylic on canvas
200 x 90 cm

Acrylic on canvas
180 x 120 cm

Acrylic & oil on canvas
180 x 60 cm

To view more of Rob's works please visit Tristan's The Gallery at

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