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Naomie Hatherley

Search terms: oil paintings, acrylic paintings, abstract, landscape, figurative

About the Artist

Naomie Hatherley in her studioDespite her passion for art Naomie had avoided pursuing a career in the art industry until recently. Following a bout of PND she realised there was no point avoiding that which you love, so established a professional gallery space with her husband in 1995 (Mullalyup Gallery) in the south west countryside of Western Australia in order to nurture her arts practice further and gain an understanding of the industry. Naomie taught across the North West of Western Australia where she met her husband, Eliot, in Newman. From Fitzroy Crossing to London, Bunbury to Mullalyup Naomie has lived in diverse and interesting locations. These filter subtly into her artworks via a fascination with people and their sense of ‘place’ or belonging. She often finds her two little girls, Monsoon (b.2000) and Mirabilis (b.2002) at the helm of her practice guiding her into unknown and challenging destinations. Establishing a gallery in Mullalyup in 2005 was the first step in her career as a professional artist. Naomie and Eliot will be launching their new initiative - the collaborative practice of Mr and Mrs Money in 2008.

Artist’s Statement

'Art to me is primarily about communication so my work is about ideas and conversations. I layer images and experiences that I feel are worthy of discussion. Like many artists, I’d like to generate a body of work that has the capacity to engage a large audience in earnest conversation about issues that reach into the heart of our society. Most of the time however, I feel I am on the outside rim of a large basin, circling around and around the edge…'


1991 - 1994 BA, University of Western Australia (major: Fine Art )
1995 - DipEd, University of Western Australia


2007 - Solo: ‘The New Religion?’ The Old George Gallery, East Fremantle
2007 - Catholic College Art Extraordinaire, Bunbury, Western Australia
2007 - Icons, Galerie B, Balingup, Western Australia
2007 - Bridgetown Archies, Bridgetown, Western Australia
2007 - South Western Times Survey, Bunbury, Western Australia
2007 - Linton Postcards Show, St Kilda, Victoria
2007 - Vasse Art Prize, Vasse, Western Australia
2006 - Christmas Show Galerie B, Balingup, Western Australia
2006 - Variety WA Fundraising Auction, Vat2, Bunbury, Western Australia
2006 - South Perth Art Award, Western Australia
2006 - Christmas Shop, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Western Australia
2006 - Iconography, Mullalyup Gallery (3 artist show)
2006 - Icons, Galerie B, (invitation) Balingup, Western Australia
2006 - Seriously Funny, Art Geo, Western Australia
2006 - Mullalyup Muster, Mullalyp Gallery, Western Australia
2005 - Old is the New New, Mullalyup Gallery (3 artist show) *ARTOPIA exhibition, Western Australia
2005 - Art Happens, Balingup, Western Australia
2005 - Opening Show, Mullalyup Gallery, Western Australia
2004 - By the Beach, Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club, Western Australia
2004 - Moore Beneficiary Art Auction, Bunbury, Western Australia
2003 - By the Beach, Bunbury Surf Life Saving Club, Western Australia
1994 - Graduates Exhibition University of Western Australia Fine Arts Faculty


The Artist’s Chronicle Nov 06 'Retrospective’
Donnybrook-Bridgetown Mail 26.09.06 ‘Iconography Exhibition’
Preston Press Oct 06 ‘Iconography Explored’
Greenbushes-Balingup Newsletter Oct ‘06‘ Iconography Exhibition’
Bunbury Herald 10.10.06 ‘Top 10 Things to Do: Iconography Exhibition’
Busselton Margaret River Times 05.04.07 ‘Hatherley Provokes a Response’
South Western Times 22.11.05 ‘Old is new again’
Bunbury Mail 17.12.03 ‘Sea-swept theme for local artists’. 6.9.05
The Mail 19.10.05 ‘What’s Old is New Again’
The West Australian, 7.10.05 ‘Old, used and abused’
The Sunday Times STM Magazine 9.10.05 'Creative Space’

Oil & acrylic on canvas
20 x 30 cm

Acrylic on Antique Bible Page on Board
90 x 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas

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