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Simon Hemsley

Search terms: landscape paintings, seascape paintings, figurative drawings

About the Artist

Simon HemsleyDr Simon Hemsley has been painting and drawing for the past 20 years, initially as a hobby (to alleviate the stresses of his successful medical practice) but now on a more professional basis. He has lived the majority of his life in Yallingup, in the South West of Western Australia. He moved with his wife, Helen and three daughters to Perth for ten years prior to working in South Africa from 1985 – 1990. They will again be on the move in May 2007 as he takes up a new post in Kununurra.

Artists Statement

"I appreciate the simplicity of water colour and try in my art works to keep the subject matter as uncomplicated as possible. Water colour is a wonderfully unpredictable medium which lends itself to surprising effects. In order to accentuate this I allow spontaneous mixing of my pigments on the paper, picking up pure fresh pigment with each brush stroke and avoid blending on my palette. This preserves the crisp, clean luminous hues of the watercolour medium.
I have transferred these techniques to oil painting and have resisted the temptation to use tried and trusted methods to apply pigment. Pigments are again mixed directly onto the canvas with a variety of techniques to move it around. I have also avoided using a brush, preferring to use my hands directly. The results are sometimes disappointing and need to be discarded however at other times the results can be unique.
I also have a special interest in life drawing and have spent years drawing on a regular basis. Good drawing skills are fundamental to good art works. It is often the simplicity of the drawings, subject matter and paucity of line that is so appealing. If you can capture the essence of a mood or emotion with some simple lines often no more is required.
I spend most of my time deciding what not to put into my artworks and hope you enjoy the end results."
Simon Hemsley

Selected Exhibitions

2006 - "Echoes" joint exhibition with Robyn Bischoff, Mullalyup Gallery, Western Australia
2006 - Vat 2 Exhibition (3 Artists Show)
2006 - Archibald Prize Entry
2006 - Bodylines Exhibition, Red Mill Gallery, Bunbury, Western Australia
2005 - Gallows Gallery Solo Exhibition, Perth, Western Australia
2004 - Abrolhos Pearls Gallery, Geraldton (2 Artist show), Western Australia
2004 - South West Survey, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Bunbury, Western Australia
2002 - South West Survey, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Bunbury, Western Australia
2001 - Catholic College Art Extraordinaire
2001 - Yallingup Gallery Garden Art Studio, Yallingup, Western Australia
2000 - Catholic College Art Extraordinaire, Bunbury, Western Australia
2000 - St Hilda’s Art Exhibition
2000 - South West Survey, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, Bunbury, Western Australia
1999 - Lions Art Award, Dunsborough, Western Australia
1998 - Busselton Art Society, Busselton, Western Australia
1996 - Capel Fest, Capel, Western Australia
1995 - Lions Art Exhibition Dunsborough, Western Australia
Simon Hemsley also exhibits works in numerous wineries and galleries

80 x 100 cm

76 x 100 cm

90 x 60 cm

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