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Sergej Jakovlev

Search terms: oil, acrylic, post-symbolism, landscape

About the Artist

"I was born in Ukraine in 1958. I stopped my studies at the technical university in 1980, when I have decided to devote myself to art. My teacher Vitaly Stasevich, on the speciality of Fine Arts at the pedagogical university (where I studied in 1981-1986), helped me to understand that this devotion could be a meaning of life. The life of my teacher and friend Victor Reihet, professor of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (where I studied in 1987-1993), was a realization of this meaning. Since 1995 I am a member of Professional Creative Artist's Union of International Federation of Artists UNESCO. Now I am a painter in Sweden."

"Since 1989 my art is called Postsymbolism Art This art has absorbed the aesthetic of Symbolism - one of the directions of Art, which is truly close to me. The works are related to cosmic harmony - that is an essential moment of my art. Herein I represent the aesthetic vision of the modern and real world into the Symbolism."
Sergej Jakovlev - painter, member of IFA

Selected exhibitions:

1989 "Postsymbolism" The Majakovsky Library, St. Petersburg, Russia
1990 "100 Years of Russian Symbolism" International Friendship House, St. Petersburg; "Modern Art of St. Petersburg" Palitra Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1991 "Gifts of TV-Marathon The Revival to the collection of St. Petersburg Museum of Modern Art", Russia
1992 "Russian Symbolism" Umerov Russian Art Gallery, Minneapolis, USA (solo exhihbition); Na-Solianke Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia (solo exhibition)
1993 "Postsymbolism" Exhibition Hall Hotel Ritm, St. Petersburg, Russia (solo exhibition)
1994 "Postsymbolism" Forum Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (solo exhibition)
1997 "The Biblical Symbols" Forum Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (solo exhibition)
2001 "Adding Beauty to the World" Gallery Galax - The Art Factory, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo exhibition); Exhibition-presentation of "The Artists' Declaration" at the time of European Conference 2001, Royal Hall Hotel Eggers, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo exhibition)
2003 Exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, The General Russian Consulate in Gothenburg, Sweden; Exhibition dedicated to The National Day of Russia, The General Russian Consulate in Gothenburg, Sweden; (solo exhibition) June - August; Summer Exhibition, Granhyddan Gallery, Beddinge, Sweden (solo exhibition) December, Florence Biennale 2003, Italy

Sergej Jakovlev - Red Butterflies Sergej Jakovlev - On the South of Sweden Sergej Jakovlev - St Petersburg

83 X 108 cm


60 X 70 cm

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