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James Worster

Search terms: pastel, works on paper, landscape, portrait

About the Artist

"Light is what itís all about. I love light. Or rather, I love what light does. Light creates colours, shadows, shapes and edges. After all, without light, there would be no art. There would be nothing to see and nothing to paint. Light creates, the artist only responds to the light with whatever tools and skills he has available. The art I make is the result of how light and my eyes collaborate as well as how I feel about what the light is doing that particular day. It may be beautiful colours that catch my eye and start a dialog or interesting shapes or lost and found edges or fascinating shadows. But itís always about light. Whatever the light is creating that day and how I feel about it. Iím just very lucky to be in a romance with light."
James Worster

James Worster graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 1990. He has since divided his time between a successful career in the printing industry as a Digital Prepress Specialist and painting. He has recently shifted his focus from abstract watercolour paintings to landscapes and figurative work in pastel. He continues to study art on his own and in workshops. He has recently studied with Sam Thieves, Jeanne Mackenzie, David Turner and Mark Friday.

About the paintings below:

"Anonymous" is a pastel painting directed at many artists who are working on a full time career as a painter but who are still emerging from that anonymous or unknown place in the art world.

"Black Rock" is a pastel painting of a scene from Colorado National Monument, in Western Colorado. The rocks here are carved by the wind and rain to form unusual land masses.

"Muddy River" is a pastel painting of a scene in Dinosaur National Monument. The Green River, which flows out of Wyoming, cuts a canyon from the rock and joins the Colorado River further downstream.

James Worster - Anonymous James Worster - Black Rock James Worster - Muddy River

Pastel on paper
12 X 18 in

Black Rock
Pastel on paper
18.5 X 26.5 in

Muddy River
Pastel on paper
18.5 X 26.5 in

To view more of James' work please visit his website at:

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