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Lyne Marshall

Search terms: painting, acrylic, semi-abstract, abstract, contemporary, landscape, etching

About the artist:

Lyne Marshall completed a visual arts degree in 1994 and has worked consistently since that time to develop her current signature artworks. Her studio is located on Minden Range at Tallegalla in Queensland and her current status, living in a solar powered home, compliments her major theme of exploring our relationships to the environment.

While she works mainly with acrylic painting, Lyne has an interest in intaglio etching and small scale sculpture. Currently represented by Gallery 482 in Brisbane, the artist has produced two books of art and poetry with poet Neal McKenzie and exhibited in China and Japan. Michael Beckmann Director of Global Art Link in Ipswich wrote in Dichotomy "Lyne Marshall is a painter of buoyant semi-abstract images that are both lyrical and moodily seductive. These are landscapes of half-formed thoughts and feelings, of things known yet inarticulate." Copies of 'Dichotomy' art and poetry are available from Fox Galleries in Brisbane and from Lyne's website. Lyne's 2004 exhibition will be at Beatty Gallery in Sydney in early June.

Artist statement:

"Having moved from figurative works to increasingly abstracted images in acrylic, my recent contemporary landscapes relate to the way we establish our surroundings. Like a map, the location of any feature can be expressed as a co-ordinate so as to mark its importance in our lives. The symbols and lines in the newer work represent structures and plantings that occur in the natural and built environments when we create an individual space for ourselves. Each painting looks at selective explorations, like turning over rocks, looking in cup-boards to expose history and memories as well as our dreams and aspirations."
Lyne Marshall 2004

Selected Australian Solo Exhibitions:

2004 - Beatty Gallery "Plantings" Darlinghurst, New South Wales
2003 - Global Art Links "Take a walk under my skies" Ipswich, Queensland, Fox Galleries "Dichotomy"
exhibition and book launch Brisbane, Queensland
2002 - Boonah Regional Gallery "Scratching the Surface" Boonah, Queensland, Fox Galleries
"Life-sized Bites", Brisbane, Queensland
2000 - Global Arts Link Regional Gallery "Life of Meaning" Ipswich, Queensland,
Grand View Art Gallery "Intrinsic", Brisbane, Queensland
1999 - Gallery Newtown "Rites of Spring", Ipswich, Queensland
1998 - Campbell Mahony Gallery 11, Brisbane, Queensland,
Ipswich Community Gallery Book launch - art "Painted Verse" 1998
1997 - Studio 27 "Walk this way" exhibition Sponsored by Bank of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland

International Exhibitions:

2003 - Shanghai Art Salon, Shanghai, China
2000 - Gallery 0, Kurume City, Japan

Lyne Marshall - Nature Asserting Lyne Marshall - Plantings Lyne Marshall - Spanning Time

Acrylic on canvas
90 X 70 cm

Acrylic on canvas
120 X 90 cm

Acrylic on canvas
90 X 70 cm

To view more of Lyne's work please visit her website at  www.artclique.com.au

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