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Angelo Mazzoleni

Search terms: painting, oil, mixed media, abstract, figurative, fantasy

About the Artist

Angelo Mazzoleni was born in Firenze in 1952. He lives and works in Bergamo (Italy) and is an outstanding emerging painter. He has attended sketching courses at the Academy Carrara and began to paint at eighteen, under the guidance of his tutors.

"His painting is a variegated search of the origins and represents the principles of the life-force as creator of the universe. The artistic-experimental run is marked from three different moments:
- archetypes ,infancy and primordial strengths
- 'cellular microcosm'
- ancestral symbols, paths, temples and labyrinths, plastic structures mostly ovuliformis, symbologies
are often different but always heading to the search of the sorgitive sources of the being of the world."
Sint. Critic.( S. Di Carlo fed. Crit.of art-Rome and L.Lorenzi cont.)

Further information on the mixed technical technique: all the works are painted in oil or mixed media on canvas. Materials used include: acrylics, tempera, sand and special plasters and pastas, fabrics and modelled materials in clay.

Selected exhibitions:

Garitta Art Gallery - Bergamo, Italy
Ars Gallery - Bergamo, Italy
Gallery Modì - Bergamo, Italy
Gallery Bovara - Lecco, Italy
Gallery Modigliani - Milan, Italy
C.L. Rose Luxemburg - Bergamo, Italy
Capricorn Gallery - Bergamo, Italy
M.M.Conc. Naz. - Bologna, Italy
1st prize, Dolphin - Bergamo, Italy
1st prize International Raffaello - Milan, Italy
S. Conc. Naz. Of Painting Agazzi - Bergamo, Italy
Gall.Literary Coffee - Bergamo, Italy
Coop. Lib.- Bergamo, Italy
G.P. - Bratto, Italy
G.A. del Pomero Rho - Milan, Italy
C. Boulevard - Treviglio, Italy
Circ. Artistic - Bergamo, Italy
G.P. Dorga - Bergamo, Italy
Aiete Gallery - Selvino, Italy
Gallery Promotion Art - Bergamo, Italy
Salon International De Peinture and Sculpture MC ART - Montecarlo, Monaco
B.P.- Novara, Italy
Space Rosetum - Milan, Italy
Gal. Horti Lamiani - Rome, Italy
Salon of Contemporary Art - Trieste, Italy
Miami Art Center - Miami,Florida,USA
"Victorial"- space (G. D'annunzio) Gardone Riviera - Brescia, Italy
La Telaccia Gallery - Torin, Italy
Fisher Island - Miami, Florida, USA
Artists Gallery - Milan, Italy
Tartaglia Gallery - Rome, Italy
Courmajeur Promotionart Space - V. Aosta, Italy

The artist's work is represented in many private and public collections including the Collections of: City of Milan, Directional ARTITALIA & Centro Milanofiori.

Angelo Mazzoleni - Tibetan Temple Angelo Mazzoleni - Don Chisciotte Angelo Mazzoleni - Musician Wandering

Oil & mixed media on canvas
40 X 30 cm

Oil & mixed media on canvas
80 X 50 cm

Oil & mixed media on canvas
100 x 80 cm

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