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Nat Mourglia

Search terms: oil, canvas, abstract, fantasy

About the Artist

"Je suis née en 1968 à Maubeuge, dans le Nord de la France, Depuis toujours le dessin a été mon moyen d'expression favori. A 15 ans je prends des cours aux beaux-arts de Maubeuge avec M.Dennetiere.
J'y apprends diverses techniques; mine de plomb, fusain, lavis, aquarelle, modelage. Après le baccalaureat, j'embraye sur des études d'arts plastiques à l'Université. Pendant plusieurs années, absorbée par mon travail; je ne prends plus le temps de peindre ou dessiner mais en 1996 c'est la peinture à l'huile que je choisis pour renouer contact avec ma passion. De plus en plus, je me rapproche de la nature, je la regarde, je la croque.
Prennent alors vie des tableaux inspirés de ces croquis. Aujourd'hui j'ai envie de faire partager ces morceaux de mon existence."
Nat Mourglia

"My paintings are the words which I do not find for the statement, inspired by nature, then by painting itself. I was born in 1968 in Maubeuge, in the north of France. Drawing was always my favourite means of expression. At 15, I studied courses in the fine arts of Maubeuge with M.Dennetiere.
I learned various techniques there; black lead, charcoal, washing, watercolour, modelling. After the baccalaureat, I studied visual arts at the university. For several years I was absorbed by my work. I did not take time to paint or to draw for many years but in 1996 I chose to renew my passion, starting to pursue oil painting. More and more, I approach nature, I look at it, I sketch it, then put life into the paintings inspired by these sketches. Today I want to share these pieces of my existence."
Nat Mourglia

Nat Mourglia - La Voyage Nat Mourglia - Invasion Nat Mourglia - Le Marrion

Oil painting
 82  X 100 cm

Oil painting
150  X 80 cm

Oil painting
80  X 80 cm

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