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Sandra R. Phryce-Jones (Nee S.R. Finn)

Search terms: traditional painting, botanical, fauna/flora, portraits, landscape, seascape, still life, watercolour, acrylic

Artist Statement

My journey in art began at the tender age of 5 in England 1954. My dear father Phillipe would devote Sunday afternoons to "what would you like me to draw". These inspirational Sundays fed my desire to draw like my dad... he could draw anything animals, people, cars and everything in between.

Sandra Phryce-Jones"Do not go to art school! You will spoil your own style, let it come naturally" said my father, which I did not understand then but do now. But after we moved to Australia in 1962 I left school and did a short stint in nursing, which I may say added a wonderful depth to my life as an artist and in honour of my father's wish I took myself of to Toronga Park Zoo is Sydney on many weekends to study animals close up. This was a great way to learn how to sketch quickly and such an enormous range of animals to inspire any artist.

Then I did go to art school - Medowbank Tech, Julian Ashtons and The Royal Art Society - all in Sydney.

One of my favourite tutors was Frederic Bates who inspired me to appreciate translucent watercolour. His wonderful gift of sharing his knowledge and how he imparted this was my greatest drive to share what I have learnt with others.
I paid for all my art classes by colouring prints for an Antiquarian shop this led to studying botanical records from early Europe discoverers, particularly Dutch and French at the Mitchell Library in Sydney, hence sparking my passion for painting and teaching botanical watercolours.

This was followed by a career in commercial art for 30 years in advertising agencies, newspapers, as a freelance graphic artist, photographic retoucher and illustrator in Sydney.

A sea change in country New South Wales led me to be more resourceful. I have been a tutor in art for 15 years to people aged 6 to 80 years; privately and for adult education, running many student exhibitions and exhibiting with them.

Teaching and sharing art is a way for me to reach out and touch and encourage others to express themselves in this wonderful world called Art.


1976 - The City of Sydney Exhibition, New South Wales
1997 to 2006 - Joint exhibition - Bellingen Watercolour Society, Bellingen, New South Wales
2005 to 2007 - Exibited with Bellingen Arts Council, Bellingen, New South Wales
3 woman show - The Art Shop Gallery, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
"Harmony between friends" - watercolour exhibition, Bellingen, New South Wales


The Lodge Cafe and Bellingen Framing Gallery, Bellingen, New South Wales
Private collections in Australia and overseas

Sandra Phryce-Jones - Mcgrath's Hump

watercolour on linen, 12 x 30 cm

watercolour on linen, 16 x 15 cm

watercolour on linen, 24 x 34 cm

To view more of Sandra's works email her:

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