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Jesús Simón Pizarro

Search terms: paintings, oil, still life, landscape, religious, portrait

About the Artist

Simón Pizarro was born in 1958 in Monroy (Cáceres), Spain. He studied in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Malaga. He graduated with degrees in Teaching, Law and Biology from the University of Malaga. He worked as a teacher of Natural Sciences in Fuente Lucena Secondary School of Alhaurín el Grande in Malaga. Simón began painting in 1994. After a period of learning, he refined his realistic technique and at the present time he includes all the subjects: landscapes, still lifes, posters, etc. Since 1998 he has been giving painting classes in his technique. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Selected exhibitions:

2003 works Presencias IV. Prov Delegation. of Malaga C Ollerías; group exhibition 2nd Prize in VII the National Painting Aid City of Coín, Malaga, Spain; Artis Gallery, Valencia, Spain. His works are displayed in diverse galleries of Malaga, Marbella, Granada, Jeréz and Madrid in Spain.
2002 Toranto Galeria Dárt, Barcelona, Spain; Poster of Easter ordered by the "Brotherhood of the Green Ones" of Alhaurín of the Tower; Poster of XXIX the Flamenco Festival of "The Tower of Sings" Gallery Pablo Ruiz, Malaga, Spain;
2001 International Fair of Contemporary Art, Gallery Pablo Ruiz, Malaga, Spain; solo exhibition at Gallery F. Daza. Sherry; group exhibition, Gallery Pablo Ruiz, Malaga, Spain; small format group exhibition, Castle of Bil-Bil, Benalmádena Coast, Spain; Member of the jury of "I SAW" Painting National Aid of Coín, Malaga, Spain; Craftsmen Art Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA; group exhibition, Pro-Art Gallery, Granada, Spain; "The Flowers", group exhibition. Gallery Pablo Ruiz, Malaga, Spain; "The City of Malaga", group exhibition, Malaga, Spain
2000 Porticus Gallery, Malaga, Spain; Poster of "I SAW Exaltación of the Mantilla" ordered by the City Council of Malaga; Corner of the Victory, The Port of Malaga, group exhibition, Malaga, Spain
1999 Finalist in the National Painting Aid City of Álora; solo exhibition at House of the Culture, Malaga, Spain; Poster del Encuentro de Bandas de Churriana, Malaga, Spain; 2nd Prize in The IV National Painting Aid City of Coín, Spain; exhibition at House Museum of Mijas, Malaga, Spain; Individual Scenery of the Series of Television of South Channel "Castles in the Air", House Bezmiliana Fort; solo exhibition "Corner of the Victory", Malaga, Spain
1998 Exhibition "School of Doctors of Malaga", Spain; collective 1st Prize in  The III National Painting Aid City of Coín. Estepona, Spain; solo exhibition at House of the Culture, Malaga, Spain
1997 group exhibition, "Cultural Week of Alozaina", Malaga, Spain; group exhibition at Exhibition Hall of Unicaja. Ve'lez-Malaga, Spain; solo exhibition at Coín; solo exhibition at House of the Culture, Malaga, Spain
1996 Collective School of Doctors of Malaga, House of the Culture, Malaga, Spain; group exhibition "The Inner Door"; solo exhibition "Alhaurín of the Tower", Malaga, Spain
1995 Group exhibition "Three Realistic Painters", House of the Culture, Benalmádena, Spain; solo exhibition "Alhaurín the Great One", House of the Culture, Malaga, Spain

Simon Pizarro - Rondas Gorge Simon Pizarro - Granadas Simon Pizarro - Virgin of Los Verdes

Oil on canvas
73 X 50 cm

Oil on board
54 X 73 cm

Alhaurín de la Torre
Oil on canvas
73 X 50 cm

To view more of Simón's work visit his website at:

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