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Gillie and Marc Schattner

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About the Artists

Husband and wife Marc and Gillie Schattner are international award winning artists and Archibald Prize Finalists. Gillie, born in London in 1965 and Marc born in Melbourne in 1961 have been painting together for the last 15 years and have exhibited their art all over the world. Most of their artwork appears as diptychs. They work collaboratively on the same art piece combining their talent to arrive at a single vision. Every aspect of the art piece has both their minds and hands on it, reflecting their individual passions and influences in life.

Marc Schattner studied Graphic Design at Swinburne, Melbourne. Gillie Schattner is a self-taught artist. They have had solo exhibitions in Sydney, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Belgium.

Australian Art is going through an exciting state of flux. Experts will tell you that the creative scene has been driven for the past ten years by male artists - in particular, angry male artists - expressing themselves through violent and painful images designed to agitate, disturb and upset the viewer. Tastes, however, are now changing. In reaction to these testosterone fuelled, aggressive images, a gentler, more refined creative expression is gaining popularity. Art is taking on a romantic sensibility, with a focus on portraiture and the celebration of every day objects. Images are softer, and execution techniques more restrained. More female artists are coming into prominence too. But Art is not a single entity, a tamed beast that behaves predictably and consistently. The Contemporary Art scene is the sum of all prominent artists output and there are those who don't fit the mold. Gillie and Marc Schattner are a prime example. Finalists for the Archibald portraiture prize in 2006, Gillie and Marc's work forms a bridge between the aggressive male dominated Art of the past decade and the current gentler, female-driven movement. Their subjects are a celebration of the commonplace - pets, furniture, portraits - reminiscent of the Pop movement which characterized the art scene of the 1960s. At that time, reaction to the Vietnam War and its far reaching socio-economic and political effects played a significant factor in shaping the creative climate, with artists wanting to remind us that every day life should be appreciated. Arguably, similar forces are at play today.

Unlike Andy Warhol's highly-refined images, however, Gillie and Marc's work takes a raw approach in expressing images, incongruous with current trends. Working (and living) together with cohesive, symbiotic energy, Gillie and Marc are most well known for their diptyches - two images placed side-by-side to create an emotional reaction which is greater than the sum of its two separate parts. As Gillie puts it "there is no image that hasn't been seen - but by juxtaposing different icons together, an interesting, dynamic narrative is created in the viewers mind".

Gillie and Marc's current work of drawings paintings and sculptures, using imagery of domestic dogs next to chairs and sofas, exemplifies the philosophy eloquently. Marc explains "a domestic dog is a symbol of loyalty, comfort and companionship. The sofa is symbolic of modern comfort and domestic bliss. So placing iconic images of the two side by side creates an even greater sense of ease and contentment. And keeping the treatment raw stops the composite from being saccharine. Were all disturbed by the violence in the world today. Of course, it was bound to impact on Art, but people don't want it there anymore. They want to feel safe, content, validated. Gillie and I strive to capture the essence of those positive feelings through figurative imagery".

Solo Exhibitions

2007 - "Modern Addiction", Libby Edwards, Melbourne, Australia
2006 - "Creature Comforts", Libby Edwards, Sydney, Australia
2005 - "Life Can't Wait", Darling Park Gallery, Sydney (Travelling exhibition around Australia)
1999 - "Sex in the City",  New York, USA
1996 - "Circus", New York, USA
1994 - "Expats", The Substation, Singapore
1993 - "A Blue Eye View", The Substation, Singapore
1992 - "Eat Me", Hilton Hotel, Singapore
1990 - "Friends", Hong Kong
1984 - "Travels", Belgium

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 - Mosman Art Prize Finalist, Mosman Art Gallery
2007 - Water Libby Edwards, Brisbane, Australia
2006 - Blake Exceptions Exhibition, Chase Contemporary & Tribal Arts Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2006 - New Paintings, Libby Edwards, Melbourne, Australia
2006 - Archibald Prize Finalist, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
2006 - Corporate Art, Burleigh, Queensland, Australia
2000 - Mamaroneck Artist Guild, New York, USA
1998 - Mamaroneck Artist Guild, New York, USA
1997 - Mamaroneck Artist Guild, New York, USA
1997 - Asian Scenes, Singapore

Awards and Publications

2006 - ARCHIBALD PRIZE FINALIST, Art Gallery of New South Wales (Portrait of John Konrads and Black Dog)
1999 - MAMARONECK ART PRIZE (finalist)
1998 - Cannes Advertising Festival for Scotch Brite and Ben Wear

Published Books

Zacs PB (Hodder Headline),
Wizards of Willow (SNP Publishing)
The Happiest Day of My Life (Random House)
The Perfect Gift (Random House)


Black Dog Institute, Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Darling Park, Sussex Street, Sydney, Australia
Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
The Hilton Group, Singapore

Commissioned Work

Hilton Hotel, Singapore
Macdonalds Corporate Headquarters, Singapore
Dr Martens
Friends of the Earth
The Philharmonic Orchestra
Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Smile Foundation
Black Dog Institute


THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, Marc and Gillie Schattner Exhibition, 25 June 2006
THE AUSTRALIAN, Look who's been framed now, 17 March 2006
BAYSIDE BULLETIN, Make the most of each moment, 14 November 2006
THIS IS A WAR.COM, November 2006
DAILY MERCURY, Sit back, relax and check out these two books, 4 September 2006
AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER & PUBLISHER, The Happiest Day of My Life, October 2006

Gillie and Marc Schattner - My Ride Red

Acrylic on canvas
122 x 182 cm

Gillie and Marc Schattner - Baby & Monkey

Acrylic on canvas
122 x 182 cm

Gillie and Mark Schattner - Henry and Chair

Acrylic on canvas
182 x 122 cm

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