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Lynne Taetzsch

Search terms: painting, abstract, acrylic, collage

About the Artist

Lynne Taetzsch’s contemporary abstract paintings have been widely shown in solo and group exhibitions. Collectors throughout the world describe her work as vibrant, exciting, and brilliant. Taetzsch studied fine art at Cooper Union in New York City, the University of Southern California, and the University of California in Los Angeles. She currently works out of her studio in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

Artist’s Statement

"When I paint I am standing in the desert alone, facing the vast horizon, the pale gradations of sand--sand-colored rock, sand-colored plants, sand-colored sky. There is nowhere to look for relief."

"I work on a canvas in layers over days or weeks. Acrylic is the perfect medium for me because it dries fast. I work quickly while the paint is wet, covering the whole canvas. The next day I rework it. The painting’s past affects its present, leaving traces and influences that subtly or dramatically guide what happens next."

"When I go to the blank canvas it is upright on an easel. I paint standing up, with my stereo blasting anything from Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five,” Laurie Anderson’s “Strange Angels,” Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man,” to “El Condor Pasa,” flute music from the Andes. The rhythms, beats and patterns I hear create a mood that is reflected in the lines, shapes and colors on my canvas. It is an active process that demands a looseness and openness to whatever might happen."

"I dig deep for the pains and passions--the inexplicable energy and exhaustion of daily life--to express them in a large gesture. I struggle with the canvas, building it up and breaking it down. Very often a hideous accident occurs: the paint does not flow evenly from the tube; colors clash in vibrant abandon; irregular drips and splotches dot the surface. My eye is offended by what it sees."

"My desire is to tease this ugliness, this unlikely blend of colors and shapes, this painting’s lurid history, into a visual symphony. I foreground the ghosts of a painting’s past, highlight the error of its ways, coax its indeterminism into strength of purpose. Look closely and you will see a mess. Stand back and the painting’s organic life plays out in front of you."

"There is always a tension between abandon and control. It is a risk to let the brush or palette knife sweep across the canvas without knowing what will happen. Sometimes the result is an amazing gift, but more often it is a challenge that requires much patient looking to see what the painting requires in order to complete itself."

"Space is there to be enclosed and disclosed—defined or defiled by line, shaped and misshaped by form, and teased into revelation through color. Form. Line. Color. Some days we dance together, some days we engage in a bloody fistfight."

"The painting session is over. The paint dries. The next day I start again."
Lynne Taetzsch

Solo, group, and juried exhibitions:

2003 - Fifteenth Anniversary Invitational, State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, New York
2003 - Women's Issues-A Commentary, Avenue Art Gallery, Endicott, New York
2003 - Past Tense-Present Perfect, Autumn Leaves, Ithaca, New York
2002 - Redefining Art, Avenue Art Gallery, Endicott, New York
2002 - Summer Invitational, Period Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska
2002 - Invitational, State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, New York
2001 - New Work by Lynne Taetzsch, Clinton House ArtSpace, Ithaca, New York
2001 - Greater Ithaca Art Trail at Red Newt Cellars, Hector, New York
2001 - A Woman's Work Is Never Finished, International Museum Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland
2000 - Improvisation in Color by Lynne Taetzsch, Community School of Music & Art, Ithaca, New York
2000 - Recent Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, Tompkins Cortland Community College, Dryden, New York
2000 - Greater Ithaca Art Trail at Red Newt Cellars, Hector, New York
1999 - Recent Works by Lynne Taetzsch & Wyman Rice, The Kentucky Gallery, Lexington, Kentucky
1999 - Six-person Show, Soho South, West Palm Beach, Florida
1998 - New Acrylic Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, Gallery for the Arts, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
1998 - Juried Show, 33rd Annual Central South Art Exhibition, Nashville, Tennessee
1998 - Juried Show, Masterpieces of Maturity, Loudon House, Lexington, Kentucky
1992 - Juried Show, Art on the Lake, Reston Art Gallery, Reston, Virginia
1992 - 2nd Annual Cultural Resources Juried Exhibition, LeMoyne Art Foundation, Tallahassee, Florida
1991 - Recent Works by Lynne Taetzsch, Astrea Gallery, Washington, DC
1991 - Three-person Show, Artforms Gallery, Sarasota, Florida
1991 - Tenth Annual September Competition, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana
1991 - Juried Show, Hoyt National Art Show, New Castle, Pennsylvania
1991 - Juried Show, Aesthetics 91 Exhibition, McPherson, Kansas
1990 - Acrylic Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, Division of Cultural Affairs Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida
1990 - Selected Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, President's Gallery, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
1990 - Recent Acrylic Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, Hartley Gallery, Winter Park, Florida
1990 - Juried Show, Westmoreland Arts National, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
1990 - Juried Show, Thirteenth National Art Exhibition, World Trade Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
1989 - First Place Prize, Juried Show, Foothills Festival of the Arts, La Mesa, California
1989 - Exhibition of Korean and American Women Artists, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1988 - Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, Friends of Jung, San Diego, California
1988 - Group Show, Cosmopolitan Art Association, Seoul, South Korea
1987 - Three-person Show, Robin Hutchinson Gallery, Maplewood, New Jersey
1985 - National Juried Color Show, Castle Gallery, Billings, Montana
1985 - Group Show, Art in Architecture, Windermere, Florida
1985 - Group Show, Goff Galleries, Winter Park, Florida
1972 - Group Show, Ithaca House Gallery, Ithaca, New York
1971 - Oil Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, The Revelation, New York, New York
1964 - Recent Oil Paintings by Lynne Taetzsch, Paula Insel Gallery, New York, New York
1964 - Juried Show, Donnell Library, New York, New York
1964 - Juried Show, Dollar Savings Bank, New York, New York
1964 - Group Show, Design Center-Mason Art, New York, New York
1964 - Emily Lowe Competition, New York, New York

Lynne Taetzsch - Fortune's Child Lynne Taetzsch - Slatted Window Lynne Taetzsch - Hidden Grace

Acrylic on canvas
24 X 30 in

Acrylic on canvas
30 X 36 in

Acrylic on canvas
24 X 30 in

To view more of Lynne's work please visit her website at

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