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Hiske Tas

Search terms: painting, acrylic, spiritual, nature, fantasy, figurative

Artist's Statement

"I only paint positive paintings, why? Because I think that life is a dream and that we dream up our own life experiences. So instead of painting angst or misery, I prefer to dream and create a positive ritual to invoke a better healing world for all of us and to grow spiritually."

"It is a reflection of my life long interest in Shamanism, which is a healing art and possesses a potent power to awaken positive elements in people and environment. Creativity is one of the most important aspects of Shamanism, as is ritual and visualization, thus through the beneficial effects of colour, symbolism, magic and nature signs, I will create a powerful healing painting."

"The concept of healing through art is an exiting adjunct to the ideals of contemporary art, as it enhances and takes the work to another dimension. I have been fortunate to be involved as an Initiate in the societies of the Australian Aboriginals, American Indian and Hawaiian Kahuna Shamanism of Polynesia and working as a teacher and healer all over the world."

"I was born in The Hague, Holland and attended Art school in Holland, England and France, travelled and studied Art throughout Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, where I settled with my 2 daughters in 1971 - first in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, where I owned an art gallery, and than I moved to Mullumbimby where we built a bush studio in the hills in New South Wales."

"I have had 15 solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas and my work has been collected, commissioned and awarded."

"I also studied the Healing Arts: Homeopathy, massage, astrology, Colour Healing, Herbal Medicine, Flower Remedies etc. I am a Reiki Master and an ordained Alakaii (Shaman Teacher) of Huna International, and became involved in combining Healing with Painting after spending time with the Aboriginal women in Ernabella, near Ayers Rock in central Australia." For more in depth information about Healing Arts go to –
Hiske Tas

Hiske Tas - Flower Power Hiske Tas - World Peace

Acrylic on canvas
75.5 X 90 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas
76 X 76 cm

To view more of Hiske's work please contact her by email at

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