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Julie Tremp

Search terms: Painting, acrylic, oil, pastel, mixed media, watercolour, abstract, fantasy, figurative, landscape, nature & wildlife, portrait, seascape & marine, still life


Julie Tremp is a versatile and prolific artist; producing works in a number of distinctive styles. She moves from contemporary realist to abstract, in any drawing or painting medium, dependent only on her inspiration at the time. She specialises in creating works to your requirements and welcomes your inquiry for any type of drawing or painting be it; abstract, portraits, landscapes, still life, buildings, pets etc. Her brush wields comfortably with oil, watercolour, pastel or acrylic and she also works in any drawing medium including pencil, charcoal, ink and other. Size is no limit, she will paint from a miniature to a mural - any size to suit your needs and appropriate to the medium and can work from life, photographs, or a vivid imagination.


Born in 1957 in Adelaide, South Australia, Julie studied art as a teenager and began a professional career in the arts that spans over 30 years. She has a remarkable
background in various areas of the arts including; fine art, performing arts, theatrical design, graphic arts and fashion design, painting only by commission until the late nineties. Since 1999 she has worked in the visual arts exclusively, continuing to paint commissions as well as exhibiting several times each year.

Represented: Cronulla Gallery, Wentworth Gallery, Raglan Gallery and SAUC Gallery (Sydney) and Art Informs (Australia)


"Art in its various forms has been the greatest passion in my life since I was a child and I feel privileged to have been able to share that creativity and expression with others."

"It is my quest as an artist to create aesthetics, emotional or physical, by enhancing the beauty of a space with my paintings or creating or evoking pleasurable memories or emotions for the viewer."

"I am truly enriched if I can bring you the joy of a warm smile, a kind thought, a moment of pleasure or immortalise a treasured memory through my paintings."
Julie Tremp

Nude In Gold I
Pastel, oil, acrylic and gold leaf on board
65.5 x 46cm

Oil and gold leaf on canvas
83.5 x 66.5 cm

Summer Slumber
Watercolour on paper
48 x 33 cm

To view more of Julie's work please visit her website at

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