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Fatemeh Vafaeinejad

Search terms: Painting, acrylic, figurative, abstract

Artist's Statement

All universal events may occur together, despite logic of creation, that is time and place, whether in painting or ghazal (a traditional form of Persian poetry). These get dissolved to find their way into an ideal universe, superior to the materialistic one. The inspiration, it seems, is so strong, that it compels a poet or philosopher to toe the same line - an artist being no exception. Considered as the bedrock of Persian thought the overwhelming influence of these two worlds - the materialistic and the spiritual - could well be felt in almost every realm of its structure.

In Persian thought, daily life is not disregarded. In fact, it finds presence in creative work without tending to abstraction. For me, there is a supra material meaning to the mundane in material life achieved by situating it in symbolic space.

I regard my paintings as having been inspired by an authentic multi-space thought and culture of a Persian past. Such spaces are juxtaposed without any cause and effect relationship. In such a perspective it is possible to easily move from one space to another in order to reach a transcendent whole. Moreover, regardless of its appearance, it has a higher meaning.

My work therefore depicts the everyday experiences of my life and environment. I collect recurring motifs from my surroundings, while maintaining a freedom to accept spontaneous inspiration as it arises. My images emerge from the internalisation of a closely observed environment, collated in a composition of multi-spaces and co-existing narratives. Colours are drawn from the landscape. Themes of the human experience - freedom, peace, harmony - emerge intuitively.

For me the traditional Persian philosophy of multi-spaces provides an exciting bridge to move from the cultural past to the contemporary personal experience.

Solo Exhibitions

2003 ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
2002 Span Galleries, Melbourne, Australia
2001 Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Victoria, Australia
1999 Aiance Francaise Islamabad, Pakistan
Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
1998 Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
1997 Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
1996 Haft-Samar Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions

2003 Bid for Freedom, Glen Eira Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia, Garden & Flower Show, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia, Smorgon Contemporary Art Prize,Victoria, Australia, MFA Postgraduate Exhibition, VCA Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2002 Melbourne Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia, ANZ Visual Arts Fellowship Award, ANZ Bank, Melbourne, Australia, Williamstown Contemporary Art Exhibition, Victoria, Australia
2001 Nino Sanciolo Art Prize, Melbourne, Australia, Know Your Place Painting, Installation and Drawing. Platform Gallery, Span Galleries and Gabriel Gallery, Victoria, Australia
1999 Womens Salon Exhibition Counihan Gallery, Victoria, Australia, Smorgon Steel Group Contemporary Art Prize, Victoria, Australia, Waverley Woollahra Art Centre Exhibition, NSW, Australia
1998 Fine Art Exhibition Gabriel Gallery, Victoria, Australia
1996 The contemporary Art Museum, Tehran, Iran
1994 Iran Tourism Photography, Tehran, Iran


2004, Smorgon Contemporary Art First prize (Painting), Victoria, Australia
2002, Smorgon Contemporary Art First prize (Sculpture), Victoria, Australia
2000, Smorgon Contemporary Art Open Prize (Painting), Victoria, Australia
1996, National Student Art Award, The Museum Of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
1994, Photography, Iran Tourism Photography Award, Tehran, Iran

Acrylic on Canvas, 2002
90 X 180 Cm

Acrylic on Canvas 2002
90 X 150 Cm

Acrylic on Canvas 2002
90 X 180 Cm

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