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Val Dyshlov

Search terms: painting, oil, acrylic, fantasy, abstract, figurative

About the Artist

Born in Siberia, where there are brown bears and white snow, Val lived in Ukraine till 1995, when he moved to New Jersey.

"I started holding brush and pencil from when I was five." During high school, he learnt painting and art history. He attended private art studio in 1968-72 in Kharkov, Ukraine and earned M.F.A. in Graphics at the School of Art in 1979. His major media include: etching, drawing, oil painting, and murals. Since his student years, he has actively taken part in national shows. In 1982, Val was elected a member of Union of Artists of the Soviet Union. He had personal and group shows in Moscow, Warsaw, Poznan, Munich, Lille, and awarded with prestigious residencies and "Best drawing" awards. Fourteen of Val’s paintings were acquired for Norton Dodge collection, in Zimmerly Art Museum in Rutgers University. He actively exhibits nationwide. Other accomplishments include 1st place in a 2002 contest in "The Artist Magazine", awards from NJWCS. Val is an exhibiting member of Guild of Creative Arts; associate member of NJWCS, MCAC, and a member of Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in New York. He is included in World Encyclopaedia of Artists, K.G.Sauer, Munich, Germany.

Selected solo exhibitions:

1984 – Artist House, Kharkov, Ukraine
1991 – "Senege" Artist House, Moscow, Russia
1992 – Modern Art, Munich, Germany
1996 – Brewster Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
1997 – Fedulov Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
2002 – Artzania Gallery, Tallahassee, New Jersey, USA
2003 – Ocean Artists Guild, Island Heights, New Jersey, USA
2003 – Studio Montclair, Montclair, New Jersey, USA
2004 – Art and Decor, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, USA
2004 - Powys Gallery, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA
2005 - Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA
2005 - InterArt Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

Group exhibitions:

1980- 1987 – Manege Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia
1982- 1987 – City Hall, Lille, France
1986- 1987 – Artist House, Poznan, Poland
1987 – Artist House, Warsaw, Poland
1991 – Encaustics, Artist House, Moscow, Russia
1994 – MARS Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1973- 1995 – National Exhibitions, Ukraine
1997 – Mt. Kisco, New York, USA
2000 – Art Yama Gallery, Tribeca, New York, USA
2000 – Limner Gallery, Midtown New York, USA
2001 – Monmouth Art Festival, Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA
2002 – II Biennial of Russian Graphics, Moscow, Russia
2002 – Monmouth Visual Arts Center, Lincroft , New Jersey, USA
2002 – Chelsea Theatre show and benefit, Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA
2003 -"Otrada", Spring Valley, New York, USA
2003 – Guild of Creative Art, Shrewsbury, New Jersey, USA
2003 – Monmouth Museum, Juried Show, Lincroft, New Jersey, USA
2003 – Music and Art Academy, Marlboro, New Jersey, USA
2004 – Monmouth Museum, Juried Show, Lincroft, New Jersey, USA
2004 – Williamsburg Historical and Art Center, New York, USA
2004 - C.A.S.E., Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
2004 - Stella Gallery, Paris, France
2005 - Arts Guild, Rahway, New Jersey, USA
2005 - Contemporary Art & Design Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
2005 - Decourtenay Gallery Belgium

38 x 28 cm

36 x 28 cm

38 x 28 cm

To view more of Val's work please visit his website at

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Page last updated 07 December, 2005