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Roxanne Vise

Search terms: Painting, acrylic, mixed media, encaustic, nature, environment, abstract

About the Artist:

Roxanne Vise, living in Arizona, USA since 1992 and raised in St. Helena, California, in the heart of Napa Valley, creates abstract works incorporating vibrant colors and textures. Her work has gained attention throughout the western United States where she has received commissions from wineries and private clients and featured as a poster artist for the SummerArt '05 juried exhibit in Colorado. Creating since childhood, Roxanne often incorporates organic objects among her layers of paint and texture inviting the viewer to explore beyond surface and find their own connection to the work.

Roxanne was born in1965 in Michigan and moved to Napa Valley in the summer of 1975. She is largely self-taught, studying life drawing and photography in Napa Valley. Roxanne now lives in Scottsdale with her husband, a fourth-generation Arizonan, and is a member of the Sonoran Arts League.

Upcoming exhibits in fall 2005 include the AIBH Charity Gala at the Phoenix Art Museum, Design Within Reach invitational and Hidden in the Hills Art Studio Tour.

Artist's Statement:

“My paintings are a way of expressing my sense of wonder of the natural world. More than just a representation of organic objects, I am moved by the underlying mystery of their energy and existence – by both their individual beauty and the divine connection to all things.

Working in water-based paints and encaustics allows me to be spontaneous - layering shape, texture and color and linking spirit with canvas - setting aside cautions and perfectionism and instead seeking the truth of the moment. My paintings express the emotional and spiritual impact of these insights while leaving finer details and thoughts to the viewer’s imagination.”
Roxanne Vise

Aspen Dream
12 in x12 in
Acrylic and aspen leaf

West Wind
Triptych, 12 in x12 in each
Acrylic, silver foil, aspen leaves

12 in x12 in
Acrylic and aspen leaves

To view more of Roxanne's works please visit her website at, or email her at

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