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Anthony Wallace

Search terms: Painting, oil, canvas, flowers, figures/portraiture, landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife

About the Artist

"Born and raised in Connecticut, I have been an avid outdoorsman my entire life. This has given me the opportunity to experience first-hand the beauty and splendor of nature and to acquire a knowledge of wildlife anatomy and behavior."

"This exposure has greatly influenced my oil paintings and has added an important degree of authenticity to the completed canvas. Throughout my childhood, and in later years, it was my Father who not only taught me how to hunt and fish but also to appreciate and preserve our precious environment."

"A college graduate, I have never had any formal training and am a totally self-taught artist. Over the years I have painted throughout New England, and have especially admired the styles of John Singer Sargent and Frank Benson."

"When not painting the outdoors and its inhabitants, I have on occasion delved into portraiture. My most treasured work was a gift portrait, which I did for President Ronald Reagan and which today can be viewed at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California."


"I have exhibited my oil paintings and limited edition prints at numerous art galleries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont and have participated in many juried shows including those sponsored by the Kent Art Association, The Watertown Art League, and The Housatonic Art League. Also, in addition to my own website (, I am currently represented on eight art gallery websites on the internet."

Artist Statement

"As an artist, I always strive to evoke a certain emotion within myself when bringing a canvas to life, which, hopefully, will be shared by the viewer.

I also try to capture not only the beauty and harmony of the peaceful world around us, but its sensitivity and gentleness as well. This is especially manifested in my portraiture and wildlife, the latter an outgrowth of being an avid outdoorsman."

Anthony Wallace

Grace and Tranquility
Oil on Canvas
24 X 30 In

Singing Sands
Oil on Canvas
22 X 29 In

My Kitten
Oil on Canvas
20 X 24 In

To view more of Anthony's work please visit his website at, or contact him via email

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