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Simon Cowling

Search terms: photo, photography, C type print , aluminium, nature, landscape

About the Artist

Simon was born in Sri Lanka in 1948.

Simon has been a professional in the advertising, design and audio-visual industries for over 30 years. He has travelled extensively, photographing in countries such as Hong Kong, Italy, Greece, the Middle East and the UK, and for the past ten years has concentrated much of his work in South East Asia. He has been exhibited at Perth Galleries in Western Australia and has photographs in private collections, the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the National Gallery, Canberra.

"Over thirty years experience in professional photography has given me the opportunity to work in many countries and many situations.  I have always loved the challenge of interpreting the colours, light and ambience of a location, and my aim is always to bring back photographs that are not only 'on budget and on time' but most importantly are images that surprise, delight and exceed the client's expectations.  I have always been passionate about colour and composition, and the way that details can often tell us more about a subject, situation or place than a general view. Whether these are details of light, colour or form is immaterial as long as they become graphic and compelling compositions.  I am not a photojournalist in the traditional mould; my influences have been photographers like Pete Turner and Ernst Haas rather than Cartier-Bresson or Don McCullin."
Simon Cowling


C type print on aluminium
84 X 56 cm


For more information about his available works contact Perth Galleries.

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