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Michael Hughes

Search terms: Mixed media, giclee prints, photography, landscape, nature & wildlife, seascape & marine, cityscape, portrait, figurative, abstract

About the Artist:

Michael was born in Coventry; England, in 1966.

He is a former lecturer in higher education. Michael is a self taught artist, musician, songwriter, poet and has broad interests in management, I.T, kundalini, popular culture, high culture and cutting edge science. Thus, there has been little opportunity for Michael to have been indoctrinated by erroneous, prescriptive, assertions of what art is and should be.

Each element of Michael's work links in with Universal Truth; delving beneath the superficial illusion of 'reality' on Earth and into the magical realms of the Unseen. Michael embraces the creative flow of high level Universal spiritual knowledge and crafts this energy into qualities needed on earth, at this time. Moving art that seeks to address the eternal, Universal quest of Man, to understand the mysterious elements of the magic of creation and make good, the ancient wisdom of the mystery of life, beneath the transient illusion of mortal form, time and space.

Michael does not endeavour to preach or teach any religious school or doctrine - but just to help teach others to experience true love, respect and compassion, to help ease the profound ills of the society in which we live, in these difficult times. Principles that, as a student of life, Michael simply hopes will help to spread a little light into the world, in some small way.

Creative art as medicine to source balance and harmony for heart, mind, body and spirit.

Sacred Universal themes that have dogged the history of society, since the dawn of Man.

Explore and enjoy spiritual bliss in magical realms!

Artist's Statement:

We would question whether farming of clones, is a gateway to original art. Is polishing pebbles and dulling diamonds a gateway to original art.

"The incestuous Art Establishment acknowledges its parental responsibility and still encourages more of the same. "Education? Education? Education? What are our children learning ?" John Beresford, UK; Pilgrims Ltd

I was granted the opportunity to teach art in higher education, while training as a lecturer; in spite of having no formal qualifications in this area. And was offered a lecturing contract teaching art upon the basis of this.

"Creativity is the marriage humanity makes with eternity" -Eric Maisel

"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream" -Malcolm Muggeridge

Art as communication: a celebration of the gift of Life.


l was born with a spiritual energy called Kundalini. All religions ultimately work with the same underlying spiritual energy. Kundalini is concerned with spiritual energy that transcends religious divides. Spiritual energy is (at least) partly sexual, in a broad sense of the word. It is this spiritual energy that is the creative driving force behind my work. In this sense, the energy does not 'belong' to me, but is transmuted (or chanelled) by me, into creative forms. It is the same kind of energy that real psychics use for healing, telepathy and in other ways.

Kundalini is considered 'dangerous' to work with by some, as it is infinitely more powerful than the 'individual' who uses it. It would be very unwise for anyone to consider trying to 'awaken' such energies without expert help, support and guidance. And there is no going back, once one has.

Kundalini is able to transcend the individual persona of a person who uses it. And space-time. And religious 'divides'. It can result in increased empathy, inner-peace and Unconditional Love of all things.

Do not try this at home: The worst ancient Chinese curse: "May all your Karma be released in one week and you become 'enlightened'".

I do not claim to be 'enlightened', and do not even care what anybody thinks, including myself, ie: God/dess does not Judge. What Is, Is.

The only reason I am able to transmute this energy safely is because I have access to a wide pool of knowledge and wisdom that has been gathered over thousands of years - and the invaluable support of (quite advanced) real psychics. Anyone attempting to release such energies to try and satisfy ego needs should realise: it is a contradiction in terms.

"Be master Of mind rather than mastered By mind"- Zen Saying

"Egolessness is necessary to float in the spiritual Universe"-anon

The most powerful force in the Universe is Unconditional Love.

Michael Hughes

The Death of Reason
Open edition wooden canvas, 30cm X 42cm (A3) inc. border
High quality giclee print: complies with the Blue Ames Light Test

Open edition wooden canvas, 30cm X 42cm (A3) inc. border
High quality giclee print: complies with the Blue Ames Light Test

Open edition wooden canvas, 30cm X 42cm (A3) inc. border
High quality giclee print: complies with the Blue Ames Light Test

Michael has a wide variety of original, limited edition and open edition works available. To view more of Michael's works please visit  . You may email Michael at

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