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Jacquie Moran

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About the Artist

Jacquie Moran is an Australian contemporary photographer currently residing in Perth, Western Australia.

"Photography has been my primary means of visual engagement and expression over the past 15 years. My way of working and the resulting images fall into the category of photojournalism also with a blend of fine art photography. Whether I have composed the situation or not I always rely on the 'decisive moment' which I feel gives my images their spontaneity, their naturalness and implied or actual movement - elements of life. I love the immediacy of shooting this way, the challenge and excitement I feel, the authenticity I feel it brings to the images.

Over the past 12 years in particular my work with the human form as it comprises the human spirit has been the greatest theme to emerge both editorially and in a fine art manner. I am particularly interested in exploring how the human form expresses itself in the 'in-between' moments, in those off-beat moments. In this way I aim to represent the human body in its natural state with all the awkwardness and subtlety this implies rather than in any 'classic' manner. I am continually developing this theme as I work with people and am currently creating new work on the subject of birth for my first interstate and international exhibition intended for the near future."

Jacquie has images on collection with 'Yellowglen' in Melbourne, Australia; she has exhibited extensively within Perth and Western Australia; she has received a number of awards and featured in a number of publications. After having spent an eventful and productive 18 months in the USA Jacquie is presently back in Perth, Western Australia where she is aiming to complete her editorial project on birth and birthing procedures.

Jacquie is also currently involved in the creation of a Retrospective book for New York City Photographer Mariette Pathy Allen, following her recent edit of Ms. Allen's life's work.

Jacquie is available for commercial and/or creative colour; alternative imaging and black and white photography at competitive prices. She has a deep, developing passion for Picture Editing and is available as Picture Editor on assignment.


Melody III From 'Melody' Series 2001
Black and white photography


Strip II From 'Stripeze' Series 2003
Black and white photography

Chicago I From 'Chicago' Series 2006
Black and white photography

For all enquiries including viewing further work, her CV and purchasing limited edition prints please contact her directly at

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