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Anand Sharan

Search terms: photography, sepia, black and white, still life, architecture

About the Artist

"I am a self taught photographer with over 14 years of experience. Apart from still photography I am also an illustration artist and a trained videographer. After completing my masters in Economics I joined the advertising industry. I worked my way up to head a state owned advertising agency as its Managing Director. Later I shifted to a multinational Advertising Agency to head the Bangalore branch as its Director."

"Photography had been a serious hobby of mine all along. A burning desire to be completely involved in photography led me to give up my successful advertising career and plunge full time into professional photography. Any one can master the technical aspects of photography in a relatively short period of time. But the ability to understand its finer aspects and to capture compelling images, ones that move people, elicit emotions develop over a lifetime of observation and ability to think visually. Photography is an Art."

"Apart from Fashion and Advertising work my passion for photography has resulted in an interesting collection of Fine Art Photography. These include temples, ancient monuments, tribal, folk dances etc. An avid Black and White enthusiast I have good collection of Black and White prints. Some of these prints were exhibited in the US and in Canada during August 2000."
Anand Sharan

A 'mantapa' in the ruins of Hampi
Black & white photography
18 X 12 in
20 X 16 in

A small sized statue in a garden
Sepia toned black & white photography
18 x 12 in
20 X 16 in

The underground temple at Hampi dedicated to Lord Shiva
Black & white photography
18 X 12 in
20 X 16 in

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