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Lyn Smith

Search terms:  color photography, colour photography, nature, landscape, wildlife

Artist's Statement

"Nature creates the most extraordinary yet simple patterns, some lasting for just brief periods of time, rarely seen, before being altered and reworked by new forces and lighting conditions. My photography preserves some of these natural designs, recording the intimacy of the discovery past the composition’s sometimes brief existence. These photos commemorate the beauty in simple observances that might otherwise be passed by unnoticed."

"Since I was very young photography has been of interest to me, even at 8 or 10 years old while taking family photos a few natural abstracts would appear amidst the typical vacation shots. In the 60’s I worked in black and white with a 2 1/4" format camera, developing negatives and prints in my own dark room. Later in the 70’s I started exploring colour photography but for the most part my images have remained in the square format."
Lyn Smith

About the Artist

Lyn has been an alfalfa farmer in Wyoming for the last 10 years, previously she worked as a graphic designer in Silicon Valley. Lyn has been a keen observer, admirer and photographer of nature’s wildlife and scenery from an early age. She has an AA in photography and a BS in Graphic Design.

Lyn is a fly fisherman, hiker, skier, hunter/gatherer and enjoys exploring the great outdoors. She has travelled extensively in the US and throughout the backwoods of the world including Europe, England, Ireland, Africa, Mongolia, China, Canada, Mexico, Baja and has been within the the Arctic Circle both by sled as well as by ship.

Several of her images have won awards in Wyoming, Colorado and California state photography contests including a Best of Show and four first places. One of Lyn’s photos was selected this year for the Rocky Mountain Biennial 2004 show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ft. Collins, CO. Her photos also have been used for a book cover and 3 cover photos for weekly newspapers. The images have rarely been shown in galleries or offered for sale until now.

Douglas, Wyoming
Summer 1999-0018
11x11 photograph, 100 print editions, matted and framed size 18 1/2 X 19 1/2 in

Esterbrook, Wyoming
October, 2002-0112
11x11 photograph, 100 print editions,
matted and framed size 18 1/2 X 19 1/2 in

Tonopah, Nevada
August 2003-0121
11x11 photograph, 100 print editions,
matted and framed size 18 1/2 X1 9 1/2 in

To view more of Lyn's work please visit her website at

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