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Bill D Cullum

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About the Artist

Bill Cullum was born in Garden City, Kansas in 1946. In 1954 the Cullum Family moved to Lamar, Colorado. 'This almost Colorado native', realized at an early age in elementary school art classes his natural artistic ability. Several years later Cullum family moved to Golden, Colorado, where with further instruction in art and industrial arts helped further develop this artist's art skill. It was during these early educational years that the artist's subject matter was being strongly effected by his beautiful Colorado surroundings. The artist, from an early age, had an active outdoor lifestyle which included hiking, hunting, fishing, but most of all just observing the wildlife which was so abundant in Colorado. This observation included noting the mannerisms and behavior of the wildlife, from the majestic eagle to the mighty elk.

After high school the artist moved to Grand Junction, Colorado where the learning process continued. After releasing ten limited edition prints, the artist wanted to explore the three dimensional world sculpting offers. After sculpting "Eagle River Run", the next challenge was to master the skills between fine art and industrial art needed to clay to bronze. Therefore the artist makes his own moulds, chases waxes, chases metal and does his own patinas. Now in production is bronze number two entitled "Vision Hunter".

It has been noted by many fine art connoisseurs that his close attention to detail is reflected in his art.

These are Limited Edition prints signed and numbered by the artist. Each edition has 300 prints, and are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity. All prints are custom colored by the artist by air brushing. All prints are a large 18"x23" size, printed on archival quality 65# cover stock. numbered by the Artist Bill Cullum.

Limited edition print
18 X 23 in

Colorado Cedar and Marble
9 1/2 X 16 in,
weighs about 30 Lbs (13.5 kg)

Limited edition print
18 X 23 in

To view more of Bill's work please email him at

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